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The Snacker
The Snacker

The Snacker

Who is the snack lover in your life?
We all know that one person who is always nibbling
on something or busy creating the latest most snackable snack.
Well this gift hamper was designed especially with them in mind.
Gift them with this delicious snack box and they will love you forever.
Allow them to get nutty about Wondaree Nuts,
devour some Meringue Bites from Moreish Menu,
savor some butterburst biscuits from Luken & May and
save some quality chocolate from Bahen and Co for last.
Yes we know, you're getting hungry just thinking about this box.

1 x Wondaree Macadamias, Choice of: Roasted or Chocolate
1 x Moreish Menu Meringue Bites, Choice of: Raspberry or Blueberry
1 x Luken and May Butterburst Biscuits, Choice of: Almond & Vanilla or Citrus Lemon
1 x 1 x Dark Chocolate from Bahen & Co, Choice of: Cherry and Coconut (70% Cacao) or Guatemala (75% Cacao)