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Workplaces and how we work has transformed in a matter of months, if you look back to how things were in January 2020, it seems like it was a different decade.
At an accelerated pace, we have all began to work remotely more and rely even heavier on technology. Many of us now have the option to work from home and while  this has brought about many benefits, it also has had its downsides. There is a certain ambience that comes with being in the office together, we are social creatures after all.
So, the big question for 2021 is, how can organizations preserve this vibrancy, humanity and closeness we get from coming together physically?
Last month, we introduced our corporate gift box service. At first, we had some
doubts whether the timing was right, but after careful thought and research, we realized the timing could not be any better.
Now more than ever people need to find a way to stay meaningfully connected and corporate gifts is one way that can help organizations achieve that. We aren’t suggesting it’s the only way but it certainly can play a role in bridging the gap that distributed and remote clients, suppliers and employees often feel.
Here is why...
Gifts bring people closer: As a business ourselves, Hawi always tries to live by the motto, ‘Apart but together.' So even though we are a distributed and remote team, we remind ourselves that we can still rely on each other, we are not working in silos. We are one team. When a company sends a thoughtful corporate gift with a personal note to a client or employee, it reinforces the message that although we may not be physically next to you, you are valued and you are at the top of our minds.
People- First: You will hear many buzzwords in the corporate world lately;
digital-first, video-first etc. But if 2020 has taught us anything is that if you are
an organization that wants to succeed you need to be a 'People-First' business. It is the
people who have carried companies through this turbulent year and it is showing
a genuine care and appreciation for people that will ensure long-term growth.
Expresses gratitude: When people receive a gift with a thank you note they
immediately feel appreciated. Whether the gift be to a client, supplier or employee, appreciation is known to have a good ROI (Return In Investment). Corporate gifts show people that the company cares and in turn it can increase loyalty and trust. 
Maintains corporate culture: This one speaks particularly to employees, when team members are not all physically together often or they are not all spending as much time in the office, the corporate culture can become diluted. One way to maintain the values of the company and remind people about your organization’s mission, vision and purpose is through corporate gifts. Having your gift custom designed and branded can really remind employees why they are part of your organisation and its purpose and it can reignite the connection with your company.
Genuine Connections: Which brings us on to connections. In a world of browsing and where there are claims that the average person has an attention span of 8 seconds which is less than a goldfish, sometimes we need to send something tangible and not virtual, to stop people in their tracks and be reminded of real connections.
If you are thinking about corporate gift ideas for your employees, suppliers or clients, please feel free to reach out to our team.

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