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Valentine's Day

Date Night Gift Box

It is seriously the most romantic time of the year, with Christmas and wedding season being a close second and third. Business at the local florist is buzzing, the chocolate aisles in the supermarket are empty and restaurants are fully booked. You will also probably never see so many men walking around with flowers for their partners. I think it’s the sweetest thing and although I am a strong believer that love should be shown every single day, life gets in the way so Valentine’s is a pretty good reminder to show love and appreciation to our dearest ones.  

As a gift box business, this is also a busy period for us. Seeing all the lovely gift boxes going out with the sweetest love notes just warms my heart. As I’ve said before, writing these notes is probably my favourite part of the job. 

I’ve always thought of Valentines to be a purely romantic day, but this year is different. Being my first year in business, I’m realising it’s different. People are showing love to their girlfriends, their mothers, their dads, mentors, literally anyone who has been significant in their lives. And I think there’s nothing more special than that. To move away from the usual and realise that apart from our amazing partners, there’s other people too who are so important to us and deserve to be showered with love. 

So, this Valentine’s show love to the special people around you. Send some flowers, write a nice little note and leave it on their desk, pack a picnic basket (luckily, this one falls on a Friday so you have all weekend) or just take them to their favorite dinner spot. Show them you love and appreciate them. Because as cliche as this sounds, life really is too short, so show your tribe the love they deserve! 

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