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Cheer Up Your Bride Bestie While Social Distancing

If you have a close friend who has had to postpone their wedding this year due to COVID, and is currently experiencing the added stress of swapping and cancelling wedding plans, then why not find some creative ways to show her your support and love.
Sure, they may get to still have their wedding, maybe one year from now, but the excitement and sparkle that comes with wedding preparations and the countdown to the big day has been stolen from them a little. So, whether you are a bridesmaid, friend or family member and you are looking for some ways to show the bride to be that you are there for her, then we have some great ideas to share.
As cliché as it may sound, remember that just listening to the couple, being there for them and showering them love is the biggest gift of all.
1.Bake her a cake
This one is sure to be a winner, after all who doesn’t love a delicious piece of cake. It doesn’t matter how great your baking skills are, it is the effort and love that goes into baking something that makes this gift so special. Find those old weighing scales, grab a mixing bowl and get to work. Think of adding some personalised decor on top, it will be the little things that matter most. Deliver the cake on the day of the postponed wedding or close to the date.
2. Write her a card
Sometimes, we think words don’t do much, but in these situations, words can mean everything. Find a suitable card, make one or order a digital card and write a few heartfelt lines to your friend, sister or whomever it may be and acknowledge how upsetting this situation is for them. Acknowledging that the day was supposed to be a massive milestone in their lives will mean a lot to the couple.
3. Send her flowers
Flowers have a way of making us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Why not order a bouquet that is somehow related to her wedding theme or day either in colour or type. But if you don’t manage that, flowers from anywhere, even your garden, still carry the same good wishes and support.
4. Arrange a virtual get together on or near the date
Send her a bottle of bubbly in advance and plan for some of her closest friends to join you and her on a video call either on the day of the wedding or the day before. Plan a few games in advance that will place the bride centre stage and showcase just how special she is to everyone on the call.
5. Send her a gift box
At Hawi, we pack our gift boxes with a lotta, lotta love.
We offer a custom gift box option, for anyone wishing to put together a
tailor-made box of their choosing. You can also always create your own care pack for the bride and include some of her favourite yummy treats or a scented candle.
Gift Box To Cheer Up The Bride To Be
6 Make her a photo collage
Put together a digital or printed photo collage of photos that will make her
smile. It can be photos of times in her life where she was incredibly happy,
photos of her dancing, photos with her husband to be, etc.
7. Send her a voice note
On the morning of the original wedding date, make sure to remember to send her a short voice note, just letting her know you are there for her and love her and can’t wait until she gets to celebrate the wedding of her dreams in her stunning dress. 
8. Offer support in contacting guests or reaching out to vendors
As many of us know, planning a wedding is no easy task and it comes with its fair share of stress. Make sure your loved one knows that you are there to help if she needs it in any way possible. You could offer to field guest queries or help her set up new meetings with all the vendors. Any help, regardless what it is  can really help alleviate the couple’s worry and stress at this time.
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