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And so it begins!

And we are live!! We are so excited to finally be sharing this little baby with you!

When thinking about what we wanted for Hawi, we had four things on our list that we wanted to achieve. I mean, this did eventually grow to 20 things, but we still had our main goals. 


We wanted our gift boxes to be beautiful because we believe that great packaging really helps make a gift special. We quickly realised that neither of us had much design talent, so we needed a designer. We were lucky enough to find Sienny from The Mood Lab, who understood our vision and brought our ideas to life. The color scheme, logo, boxes, tissue paper, and 'open on' stickers, we thought of every little detail. 


Right from the start, we knew we wanted to support local brands and that is why all of the products in our boxes are from Australia/New Zealand suppliers. Through this process of sourcing products, we have been reminded of the many Australian brands making amazing products and building great brands. As our cards say, we hope you enjoy these Australian treasures.


While doing all of this, we aim to leave less of an imprint on the environment. We only have one earth, therefore, we've made every effort possible to create a sustainable brand. So, you can give buy your gift guilt-free.


We like to think of giving gifts as a way of saying, 'Hey, I see you and I appreciate you'. We hope to create a sense of community around Hawi, and through this community, we can all celebrate our wins together and share some of life's burdens too.

The past few months have been full of long nights, lots of high-fives, and just plain fear and anxiety. It is so surreal to have Hawi out in the world.  

So, once again, welcome to Hawi. Thank you for joining us and being part of our journey! 


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