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2021: An Open Letter To Our Customers


Well hello, here we are, standing in 2021.

I am not sure what you are all feeling but I most certainly feel a mixture of anxiety and excitement. None of us knows what 2021 will hold and after the year we have all had, who could blame us for being less enthusiastic than usual.

But I refuse to kick-start the year with so much ambiguity. I am standing tall.

I want to share some guidelines I have put together that we at HAWI plan to live by in 2021.

Dare to dream: Yes the world is still anything from ‘normal’ and there are a lot of buts and red cards being raised on a daily basis but at Hawi we are going to hold tight to our dreams and are continuing to focus on making them happen. In fact, we just completed our first ever corporate order and will launch the HAWI corporate brand in Q1 this year. What dream you will make happen and how have you got started on that?

First Corporate Order


Value the smaller moments: 2020 was certainly not a teacher I was fond of but one lesson it certainly taught me was the importance of being present in the ‘now’ and really enjoying those simple moments of connection with our family, friends, loved ones, pets etc. We are walking into 2021 taking nothing for granted. Little laughs amongst our work teams and extra time spent at home with our loved ones has made us really sit up and assess, ‘what do we really care about?’.

Everyday calls for some glitter: We don’t know what the future holds but being optimistic and positive is something we need to hold tight to. We've had so much fun preparing some very original, thoughtful and inspiring gift boxes for our 2021 collection. We are confident they will make a few hearts sing upon receiving them. They have been created not with an anniversary or birthday in mind but instead focused on how to surprise and delight someone for no reason at all, other than to show them they are valued. Think of someone right now, either someone close to you or a stranger, who needs some love and sparkle and find a way to give it to them.

Build a better world: As cliché as this may sounds, we all have a role to play in making our world better. Hawi has been thinking a lot lately about how we can contribute or give back and we believe we have found a way. Watch this space as we launch our new charity initiative in Q2 this year, The Giving Tree.

Practice acceptance: We can’t write the script for 2021 but we can set some goals in motion and that is the magical part of it all. Mindset matters, so find a way over the next week to map out what you want 2021 to bring your way.  Do something you love every day to keep you re-energized, even if that something is small. Do your very best to stay as open-minded to everyone and everything that comes your way this year. Our beauty is in our differences.


I cannot wait to bring you all along on our Hawi 2021 journey and welcome more of you en route. Get ready for gift boxes bursting with love, social posts you will find impossible not to share and a whole lot of feel good moments direct to your inbox.

Thank you Hawi customers, let’s create a year like no other for all the right reasons.


Your Hawi team


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